Composite Decking

What is Composite Decking?

Composite decking is simply a mixture of wood fibers (new or used depending on manufacturer) and plastic (recycled or new depending on manufacturer) with binding agents. They are heated and pushed through a machine to mould them into the shape of a decking board. The tops of the boards are usually given wood grain finishes to mimic the look of wooden decking boards. They are then cooled with water and cut to popular lengths. The resulting composite decking board is denser and heavier than wood which is resistant to rotting, warping, splintering and does not require sealing, oiling or to be sanded. The second generation of composite decking boards being produced have a plastic capping covering either just the top of the board or encapsulating the entire board. This plastic capping is co-extruded over the entire board and offers an added layer of protection from the elements. Due to the extra process involved in manufacture, they are usually more expensive than the first generation composite decking boards and generally have a longer manufacturer warranty accompanying them.


Selecting your Composite Decking Material

Having been in the decking industry for several years, Deckworx has installed nearly every brand of Composite Decking available. We are therefore able to offer great insight into all the available options and their suitability to any particular project. We have removed the complexities of choosing between the capped composite decking boards versus uncapped, the best warranties on offer, minimizing shrinkage or expansion, slip resistance, ‘green’ or environmentally friendly options and the best in aesthetics for the duration of the life of your deck.

What’s best for you?

Choosing a deck is as unique as choosing your house. Each client has a different requirement for look, feel and maintenance of their deck. You can take comfort in the fact that Deckworx will only offer you the highest quality products available, mixed with a 3D visual design to assist with the decision making process. Some of the benefits for choosing composite decking: 10 year up to 25 year warranties available Capped decking boards to resist fading, staining, moulding and scratches Eco-friendly and made from recycled materials Slip resistant options Choice between different depth wood grains Different colour streaking options available Reversible boards for two different finishes Hidden clips and screws and colour coded fastners Grooved and Square shouldered boards to enhance aesthetics Wide range of colour options and finishes to choose from.