Cladding, Pergolas & Balustrades


Escape traditional plastered and painted wall finishes and design your own unique space. Utilize matching materials from your deck to clad your walls while benefiting from its highly durable and attractive finish.


Pergolas are a trendy way to allow the morning light in, while providing much needed shade in the afternoon. The entire structure and beams can be installed utilising timber, steel and or composite materials. Utilise contrasting colours to define your space or match your deck perfectly for a naturally balanced look.

Balustrading and Screens

Complement your deck with our modern stainless steel balustrading or choose from a hybrid ‘steel and timber’ or composite balustrade system. With the confined proximity in which we live in the modern world it is necessary to create our own private spaces. At Deckworx, we are able to construct an aesthetically pleasing timber or composite screen to serve a variety of purposes, be it privacy or simply blocking out a bit of wind.